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About Our Shirts


We’ve sourced the best fabric based on popularity and feedback from customers. We know what sells and what makes customers come back. They are premium quality fabrics that feel great and are easy to maintain.
If a client has special requirements for fabrics, they can submit requests and we can source these fabrics for them.


We know how important that first impression is when you feel a shirt and try it on. A lot is to do with fabric, but constructions is also vital. Our factory only preform the best craftsmanship which is scrutinized regularly. We are very confident in the quality of our workmanship and encourage clients to inspect a sample themselves.


We offer all the design options that you would expect from a professional tailor. We also evolve with fashion and are open adding new design options, such as a new collar or cuff style. We can also offer guidance on what you should make available to customers to boost sales.