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About Us

We like to get our hands dirty dealing with factories, fabrics, quality control and shipping so that you don’t have to.

We source and work with quality factories who specialize in custom made suits and shirts and make ordering from them easier for retailers, whether they be physical tailor shops or online stores.


PO Box 121
Dindaeng Post Office
10400 Bangkok

About Our Service


With over 15 years in tailoring, we have developed expert knowledge of custom made manufacturing in Asia, namely, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

With our own production center based in Bangkok, we are able to offer quality and reliable supply of custom made shirts and suits.

With years of experience in supplying online and store tailors, we can assist you with things like sizing, fabric selection, design options, quality control and more.

If you run a tailor store, please contact us for a sample and inspect the quality of our goods.

We also offer website solutions for clients. See for more details.