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How It Works

Our Service

Wholesale Tailor takes the pain out of dealing with custom tailor factories in Asia. We manage our own production centers where we stock quality fabric, and our staff perform quality control. To so start ordering from us, we follow these steps:


1. Register Account

We start by registering a client account so you can place and manage orders.
We do basic checks to ensure you have a legitimate tailor business.


2. Woven Labels and Fabric Swatch Kit

Next we produce your fabric labels, which we keep at our production center.
Then we send out our fabric swatches for you to show your customers.


3. Submit Orders

You start submitting orders via our online ordering portal.


4. Order Fulfillment 

We produce your orders and send them out to you weekly, or daily, whichever you prefer. We can also drop ship direct to your customer.